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The last glimpse of the crowded market square. The last glimpse of the sea, observing the blue sky out of a hotel room window Inhaling the scent of holiday for the last time. Before you step into the taxi you quickly buy a bottle of water for the trip. Filling a bottle with tap water is not an option here. Especially not in a big city such as this one, you noticed at the beginning of your trip. On the way to the airport you see the images that are familiar by now through the dirty taxi window. A group of women is washing clothes in a small fast running stream, an old bus zooms by with the maximum number of passengers exceeded, leaving a large cloud of dust; on the side of the road some people are carrying jerricans on their head. At home. You drop you bag in a corner, take off your dusty coat- it has to be washed- and you go to the bathroom. Returning home always seems to be some sort of a culture shock, you muse while sitting on your familiar toiletseat. You turn on the tap and thoughtlessly wash your hands, followed by filling a glass of water. With gulps of water you moisten your throat. Now you quickly jump under the shower with your sticky head. Rinsing off the journey a bit…

What is the price of water?

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Your water consumption is not only what you drink, or use in the shower. Everything you use (food, clothes, paper, etc) needs water during the production. You can read about this, and calculate your personal water footprint on the page http://www.waterfootprint.orgWater is a global problem, that has to be solved in international co-operation. Read more about the global aspects and about the international decade of water: Water for life.

Water saving can be done with the most every-day-means! Like this:

Prototype Toilets Aim to Flush away Beijing Drought

BEIJING — Beijing residents can do their bit to ease the city’s severe water shortage problem from the comfort of their toilet seat, according to an exhibition which opened on Wednesday. The Saving Water Toilet Exhibition for Beijing Olympics Gymnasium showcased a range of prototype urinals, bowls, and traditional Asian crouching platforms aimed at having a more positive impact on the environment. Beijing is the driest major city in the world and a report last month said it would face severe water shortages during the 2008 Olympics if current levels of consumption were maintained.

“This toilet saves water,” said Zheng Qing Zhan, manager of Kuge bathroomware. “Most modern toilets use six litres of water per flush, while this uses a maximum of 3.8 litres and as little as 2.6 litres.” Beijing Olympic organisers have made “Green Olympics” one of their core themes and Zheng’s colleague Zhan Chun Guo expected environmentaly friendly toilets to play their part. “It’s important for the Olympics because the athletes and coaches from around the world will see that China is serious in trying to save water and will spread the word,” he said. Also on display was a toilet in which 500 litres of water could be recycled for use for up to six months and facilities that use bacteria to break down the waste into gas and clean water. June 08, 2006 — By Reuters