Case: Tourism

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Thailand seems to be a beautiful country and therefore Ernesto would like to travel there. After his graduation he has time and money to go backpacking for a month. Unfortunately he often heard that travelling far away is really bad for the environment.
He finds this very hard to accept: he just wants to be good for the environment. He thought it is all right to travel in Thailand, because the Thai people can make money out of him. If they don’t
earn money out of the tourist sector, they have to make a living by cutting down forest. And if nature is one of the popular attractions of the country, they will like to protect the forests anyway. After all nature is a source of income.

Ernesto’s family is meddling in his travel plans: Ernesto’s brother finds people travelling by plane ‘antisocial’. He’s living under an approach path of the airport and is going crazy about the noise.
Ernesto’s sister, who helps people in poor countries, is positive about the trip. In her opinion tourism, being the most important source of income for many developing countries, is indispensable.

When you are going on vacation, you exert an influence on other people in many different ways. You’ll probably fly over residential areas, you’ll spend money in other countries, you’ll stay in hotels where people work and you’ll dive in a nature reserve. Travelling has an effect on all kind of people close by and far away.

Is the effect mainly positive or negative?

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