Case: The pond

Categorie(s): Cases, Ecology, Water

Andi lives in a village East Java. Near the village, there is a pond near a forest. The water of the pond is clean and clear. The water is used by the villagers for daily use. The pond has been kept clean by the villagers from as long as anybody can remember. Most of the villagers are farmers. Andi’s father too. Andi often helps getting water from the pond for her mother. The farmers cultivate the land only in the rainy season. In the dry season they collect wood from the forest.
A couple of months ago, something happened. Andi went to get a bucket full of water, but the pond was dry. It shocked everybody in the village. They are confused. Some people say that the pond is dry because most of trees in the forest were cut down by villagers.


  1. What can be the cause of the pond drying up?
  2. What could the villagers do to save the ponds?

Discuss this problem and think of other questions around this problem, – but more important of possibilities to solve the problem and to prevent it in other places

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