Case: Pollution and hot weather in my city

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“Anita is walking in the city, but not enjoying it because it is too hot. The weather here is often much hotter than outside the city where she was staying with her grandparents three weeks ago. They live near the cool forest. Now school will start to-morrow. It is so hot in the big city because of the pollution. Beside the buildings there are no trees. And she and her friends can’t play in the park anymore, now they can only play in the mall that has been built in that place. So many green areas become housing and parking area’s.
Anita decides to talk about this in her class. Can they start a project in their school to make the conditions in their region better? Why not planting trees in the school area to begin with?”


  1. Learn about city conditions: why is the climate different from outside the city? What is the effect of trees and plants?
  2. Living in the city does not mean a bigger footprint than living in a village. Think of reasons why it can be more sustainable when more people live close together in cities.
  3. How can we make the city more comfortable?
  4. What can everybody do to make his/her footprint more sustainable
    a. causing less pollution?(How can you do this?)
    b. using less space of the earth? (How can you do this?)
  5. What are you yourself doing to decrease the pollution in your city?

When you start working on this theme it is useful to work with the working plan.

Background information:

An example of people in a big city reducing their footprint, making the climate more comfortable and getting cheap and healthy food
This could be done in many other places.

Look at the page:

Growing food in the city, A project from Havana, Cuba
Another nice possbility for growing food in the city is by building living roofs and green walls
Making life in the big city more pleasant can be done by making green roofs. Look at Toronto Roofs

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Supriyadi (Surabaya), Rahmat Melir (Jogja),Zahron Prasetiawan (Mapala Arga Dahana UMK) Nur Shoim ( Mapala Arga Dahana UMK) All from Indonesia