Case: Invasive Plants

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 Plants that Threaten Environment

Do you also have too much bamboo in your garden?
Most people like to have their garden green and colourful. Often plants from far away are used to make a nice garden. Sometimes they grow so well, that they seem to overtake the garden. They become weeds. Some bamboos do it, but there are more.
Some people throw away the scoundrels – and cause trouble on nature.
Several exotic plants can block waterworks, or overgrow fields – which makes herbicides necessary.

Read this article:
Plant Lovers Want Nurseries To Stop Selling Invasive Plants that Threaten Environment
You find some useful websites on that page.


  1. When do we call a plant a weed?
  2. Why are plants from other parts of the world easily becoming weeds?
  3. Can plants that belong here also be harmful? (if yes, how? which?)
  4. Work with your group on the assignement:

Each small group (2 or 3 students take a part of the assignement, afterwards you present your results and make a common report. Perhaps you find a reason to take action in your town (visit nurseries?)

You will continue by filling in a working plan »

If you use internet, it is useful to use an internetlog, to keep track of your sources

Perhaps you can use these questions, or formulate your own task:
a. Which plants in our gardens or outside are invasive?
b. Where do they come from?
c. What is the harm they do?
d What can (should) be done?

Removing invasive plants to restore nature
Sometimes invasive plants have been planted in order to improve the environment – with negative results – like the eucalyptus trees in Kenya.

What did the planters forget?
…. and what about invasive animals?
Perhaps your next assignment?