Case: Gardening as therapy

Categorie(s): Cases, Health

Nearly everybody knows somebody having cancer, or having had the disease. In earlier times cancer was nearly always killing you, but nowadays there are many good possibilities for treatment. Often patients can live longer with cancer,  but still many people will not recover completely. May be you know somebody too who has to live with cancer. In that case you know how hard this  life can be. Maybe he or she can feel better by being outside, and especially by being active outside. Gardening is a great way to be active outside. (not only for patients of course).

As it may be difficult to get started when feeling tired and down being ill, and from the treatment.

Maybe you can help! Like this:

Why not make it a project for your class or group? Organise a gardening project for sick (with cancer or other diseases) people in your school, your family, your street.

Find a suitable lot (part of the school’s garden, or somebody’s home garden, or a vacant lot nearby) – or make (or find) some container(s) to make an indoor or balcony garden.

Make an gardening plan, buy or find soil, seeds and/or plants etc. Everything of course together with the patien(s). Agree about the help needed, and make a working plan. Remember that this type of project must not stop when somebody helping does not like to do it anymore!

And remember: Being active outside is also good for healthy people!

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and Nature is good for your mental health

Sarting a project it is best to work with an working plan

If you look up things on the internet, it is good to make an internetlog. You can find back your sources, or help other to find things.

Write a report about the project and/or make a presentation or publish in your schoolpaper. Maybe others like to start gardening also…