Case: Forest

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Diana’s neighbour is mad about nature. Her garden is full of wild plants. Plants which you would sometimes see in the wild, you can also find in her garden. But she never digs them up, she only collects some seed and then raises seedlings herself.One day Dianna walked past that garden and saw to her amazement that a large piece had been dug over and then been filled with plastic tubs containing soil. Not very attractive, she thought. How could her neighbour suddenly change her pretty, wild garden into a plastic garden?
Fortunately her neighbour was busy outside. Diana approached her and enquired why the garden had been changed all of a sudden. Her neighbour replied that she was busy with a project to plant the correct trees and bushes in areas which were now bare but had formerly been native bush. In this way they could be returned as far as possible to the state they were in originally. The seeds were collected from the region where the new bush was to grow.For such a purpose she would gladly sacrifice part of her garden.
Diana likes this idea and thinks she and her class should start such a native plant nursery on the bare patch behind the school.She decides to try with the help of her best friend to convince her class to start the project.

What must first be investigated to be able to answer questions from her class mates?

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