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“Siti comes home from school, being hungry. She shouts to her mother to give her something to eat, but mother is busy and tells her to fetch something from the ‘warung’ (small shop) around the corner because dinner will be much later. When she comes back with a bag of chips her mother is a bit angry. She says:”This does not really feed, it is unhealthy and even bad for the environment too!”
She complains: “It is difficult to find healthy food for children. So many snacks sold in the ‘warung’ that we don’t know the material it is made of. There are so many additives in the food. Those foods can cause so many negative effects for your health.”
Perhaps you do not care so much about your own health. But often the ready made food you can buy also causes a very big ‘footprint’. This means that the growing and making asks very much land of the earth, or has bad effects that can last very long.”


  1. How much space is needed for growing one kilo of bananas? And how much for growing one kilo of beef (find out how much grass given to the cow makes one kilo of meat). What has a bigger footprint banana or beef?
  2. Why do chips have a bigger footprint? If you do not know, find out how they are made.
  3. What does Siti’s mother mean with ‘additives’? What are they and why are they often added to the food? Why are they not so healthy?
  4. Find out which food is healthy AND has a small footprint.

Case suggested by
Anggia Jenny (Bali), Winda Randah Ramanti (Kaltimantan), Amri Darmajanti (Surabaya) and MM Atik Indaryati (Bojonegoro) (all from Indonesia)

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