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Jesse likes nice food and he loves to cook. Tonight his friend Bo is coming over for dinner. Jesse and his mother tried hard to prepare a perfect meal. And with success: the tenderloin in a sauce of white wine has turned out delicious.
But Bo doesn’t want to try the tenderloin: he’s a vegetarian, because it is better for the environment and the developing countries and so on. Jesse forgot about that.
He doesn’t like all the fuzz about Bo being a vegetarian at all. Bo tends to harp on about it, while Jesse agreed with him for a long time. Of course Jesse too finds the environment important and wants to help people in poor countries.
But he just likes meat. Besides it has not much to do with it. And what about the apples, that Bo eats all the time? Jesse knows that a lot of fruit is imported by air and planes are polluting as well!

Jesse decides to get to the bottom of everything about nutrition, environment and developing countries, so he can silence his headstrong friend Bo the next time.

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