Case: Erosion

Categorie(s): Cases, Ecology



George’s class is on an excursion, which examines the geology of the region and human activity in the course of time.
They arrive at a place where there once was a farm, but is now uninhabited. There are many weeds on the deserted fields, but where the land isn’t flat you can clearly see that erosion is increasing. Deep gullies and bare patches here and there resemble a moonscape. Further on you can see that this used to be a well forested area. Here and there portions of forest remain.
Discussion arises in the group over the question whether it wouldn’t be sensible to plant trees and bushes here again so that the forest can recuperate. It appears this doesn’t happen spontaneously.
George and two friends who also love nature, decide to try whether they can’t help by growing the correct plants to assist this region in its recovery.

What must first be investigated in order to be able to answer questions from their class mates?

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