Case: Damaging the mangrove forest

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A case special  for schools near the coast

(this case is also available in Indonesian: Kasus bakau)

The Damage of Mangrove Forest in Indah Permai Beach

In the year of 1970 a beautiful mangrove forest was lying along Indah Permai Beach coastline. The forest was about 100 acres. There was a fishermen village located about two kilometres from the mangrove forest. This was a prosperous village. Most of the fishermen look for the fish, shrimp, and crab near the mangrove forest. The marine products were very plenty at that time. Most of the fish, shrimp and crabs could live well because the forest was good. The mangrove supports the marine life as breeding ground, food supply from its biomass, etc.
Several months ago, the local government started a program to develop a tourism site in mangrove forest. Trees were cut, and some facilities were built. The development changed the mangrove forest. It caused the forest to loose its function. The forest area was decreased to 20% from before.
Other impact is decreasing the number of fish, shrimp, and crab caught by fishermen. Beside that the coastline moved into the land about 50 m and almost reached the fishermen’s village. For the villager this meant that they lost their income from marine products, It also meant harm to their village because the waves will flood their village.

What happened in Indah Permai Beach has happened in many places.
A good reason to study the role of mangrove forests, the reason why people have been cutting it and why it is impartant to plant them again.
You will continue by filling in a working plan »

You could plan this work like this:

Meetings and topic for each meeting:

  1. Discussing the case and making questions
  2. Field visit and interview with fishermen to find facts
  3. Discus the result of field visit
  4. Looking for a solution (use literature, internet or any resource such as experts)
  5. Presenting the solution and set up class solution
  6. Action plan

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