Case: A new Power station

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Will our village look like this?

Ibrahim lives in a village far from the city. The villagers are nowadays talking about only one thing: An electricity generating industry will be established in the village. The local families are asked to move from their place. Of course they will loose their place, their house, their garden, where they have chickens, and grow some vegetables and fruits. Will they get room for vegetables and chickens again? They do not like the situation.

However, the industry will need workers, so perhaps the men can earn a better living than they do now.
Ibrahim looks forward to seeing the big building and the exciting machines, but his parents are afraid that there will be much dirt and noise in their peaceful village.


  1. How can you explain the reaction of the inhabitants if they have to move away from the location? Why are they angry/sad? And why are some happy?
  2. What will be the effect of pollution from the industry? What kind of pollution is to be expected?
  3. How can the waste of the industry be processed to make as little as possible damage?

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