Working with Sustainable Footprint

In this project we aim to stimulate┬ápupils to think about the positive effect they can have in this world, so that it can be left behind in a better shape than it is now. On the other hand, if they choose to do nothing, they will leave a ‘footprint’ on this world. They can make a difference by changing their lifestyle into a sustainable one, so that their footprint will at least be zero.

In this project pupils are stimulated to think about the world in which they want to live when they are grown ups and they want their children to live in. Furthermore pupils should become aware of the influence they have on the lives of people in developing countries. Their shoes and jeans for example possibly originate from ‘sweatshops’ in these countries.

The project focusses on ecological sustainability, but links are made with the social and economic aspects of sustainability.

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