Beef industry the biggest climate changer!

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Did you know?

  • Cattle? There are currently 1.28 billion cattle populating the earth.
  • Grazing? They graze on nearly 24 percent of the landmass of the planet and consume enough grain to feed hundreds of millions of people.
  • Meat? Their combined weight exceeds that of the human population on earth.
  • Global Warming? Cattle are also a major cause of global warming. They emit methane, a potent global warming gas, blocking heat from escaping the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Grain? Cattle and other livestock consume over 70 percent of all the grain produced in the United States.
  • Famine? Today about one-third of the world’s total grain harvest is fed to cattle and other livestock while as many as a billion people suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition.
  • Disease? While millions of human beings go hungry for lack of adequate grain, millions more in the industrial world die from diseases caused by an excess of grain-fed animal flesh, and especially beef, in their diets.