Watercone for drinking water

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News July 2003


Almost half a billion people have a shortage of clean drinking water. Not that it isn’t available, it’s merely salty or polluted. And purification is very expensive and complex. But a new invention makes purification a children’s game.

The moisture evaporates and condenses against the side of the watercone. And then the drops ooze into the small gutter. By turning the funnel, 50 cm high and 1 metre wide, and unscrewing the capbutton you can fill a nice glass of drinking water.

In Morocco this watercone can distil up to 1.5 litres a day. The price of this watercone will be approximately € 50. An investment that will be profitable within a year.

Simple but very efficient, that deserves a prize. The invention has been rewarded with the iF Design Award, the Oscar in the design industry.

Source: Natuur en Techniek

A transparant and reversed funnel with a small gutter at the bottom does the trick. The sun shines through the solid UV-resistent plastic and heats the surface or dirty watersupply.